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About Us


It is our belief that every child is entitled to a life
free of abuse and neglect.

We are a team of many.

Insuring the Children is a partnership of individuals in the life, health, title and property/casualty insurance industry and those associated with the business.


After all, as an industry our business is to protect valuable resources from harm or loss. So it's appropriate that we join forces to help victims and potential victims of child abuse, as the most important asset of any nation is its children.

Working together, we can pool our resources to create a brighter future for

our children. We are dedicated to the short-term goal of a measurable reduction in the number of reported child abuse cases, and to the long-term goal of eliminating child abuse and neglect in our society.

How do we insure the children?

Insuring the Children provides financial support to social service agencies in our local communities that deal with the emotional care and medical treatment of abused and neglected children. Our members and donors, which include individuals, agencies and entire insurance organizations, make tax-deductible gifts to our organization. When their gifts are combined, we make them count by evaluating grant requests from social service agencies to find out where ITC can make the biggest difference. We establish ongoing financial and strategic relationships with these agencies to help them maximize their impact across Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Our members also provide political support to agencies by recruiting additional members and soliciting their companies and organizations for donations.

By leveraging your individual effort by letting others know you work in an industry that cares, you can help support the needs of children in our area. 

Members and supporters work directly with child abuse prevention

professionals to stop child abuse in our area.

ITC programs include a speakers' bureau staffed by insurance industry professionals working in concert with care providers and prevention experts.

We also work to generate a pool of volunteers to provide these agencies with extra manpower in addition to financial support. Some the agencies we provide volunteer manpower to include Beech Acres, Prokids and the Council on Child Abuse of Southern Ohio, Inc.

How do we decide where the money goes?

Insuring the Children is controlled by a Board of Directors made up of insurance and financial service professionals from all over the tri-state. These trustees oversee committees responsible for fundraising events, communications, administration, grant reviews and finances and public relations activities.

Our Executive Committee and Board of Trustees meet periodically to evaluate current activities and establish direction for the upcoming period. The Board is divided into special committees to assist in determining the programs and practices of the organization. A network of insurance professionals contributes their money and time to the cause. Our Corporate Industry Partners work with us on a continuing basis to sponsor events, recruit volunteers and obtain financial support for the agencies that work directly with abused and neglected children and "at risk" families.

Well-deserving of special commendation are thos
e social service agencies who work with parents and children to stop child abuse and run prevention programs to keep it from happening in the first place. These agencies have petitioned ITC for grant money or other assistance, which ITC has granted or arranged after considering their grant request.

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