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Jerry Clark Award

Insuring The Children’s Jerry Clark Humanitarian Award

The Jerry Clark Humanitarian award recognizes outstanding individuals who make significant contributions in helping children be safe and grow. These courageous leaders are dedicated to making a difference for children. Award recipients:

  • Dedicate their time, talent and financial resources to fighting child abuse

  • Contribute to the field of child abuse prevention through medical practice, social services or other humanitarian services

  • Educate others on the societal effects of child abuse and ways to keep children in our communities safe 

  • Contribute to the success of ITC 


Jerry Clark was the driving force in the founding of Insuring the Children. His passion for helping to prevent child abuse and neglect is the reason our organization has contributed more than $2 million to medical and social agencies in the Cincinnati area. This award recognizes those who carry Jerry’s passion on, ensuring that more children’s lives will be touched, improved and changed forever.


Jerry Clark

Jack Twomey


Albert "Buzz" Brown


Andy & Kelly Hebert


Robert Shapiro, MD


Don Yelton

Ann Saluke, MD


Beatrice Lampkin, MD


Tracy Cook


Chris Schulz


Bob Hitch


Coming Soon

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